Chatbooks Files

If you would like the flipbook images and text set underneath of the entirety of The Living Christ document in book form, here are pages exported as JPEG’s so you can order a square book from any printing company you’d like! We recommend Chatbooks. Choose between the 8×8 or the 6×6 and hardcover vs. soft cover to fit your budget needs.

Just download and unzip the file on your computer, go and upload them into Chatbooks.

**MAKE SURE you get the order of the pages correct. The file names are named with the page number in them but Chatbooks tends to get the order of the pages by image download instead of file name.sometimes the upload gets off. Go through to confirm the order is correct, then choose a cover and you’ll have your own book in no time!

There are 48 pages total, with an optional cover file. Enjoy this book for your family to read and memorize this beautiful document in book form!