The Living Christ Church Program

Are you interested in performing the Living Christ document and music for your local congregation?

A woman from our amazing community sent us this church program that she used, and we want to share it with you! You could have The Living Christ as a theme for your next Easter program, ward conference, or stake conference.

In her congregation they performed the following program for Easter, with the primary children singing “He Sent His Son”.

Use this as your entire program, or feel to use it as a spring board and incorporate other music, speaking parts, or talks as you see fit!

Songs in Detail

  • Section 1 – Entire Young Women Class
  • Section 2 – Young Woman Solo
  • Section 3 – Duet or Quartet with two on each part of YW class
  • Section 4 – Young Man read while a shortened version of the song plays on the piano
  • Section 5 – Young Man Solo
  • Section 6 – All Young Men (possibly small group first half, all second half)
  • Section 7 – Young Men first, Young Women second, together at “each of us”
  • Section 8 – Soloist or Duet for first line, small group for next part, All Youth at “God be thanked”

You can find all the files you’d need for a program, from printing sheet music for pianists to music-only audio here.

Additional Program Options

Since all 8 songs sung through is right under 15 minutes, you will want a bit more to fill up the rest of the hour-long program time. Here are some suggestions:

  • Have someone open up with a short introduction
  • Have speakers in-between a few songs focusing on a section of words
  • Have the youth/performers/members bear their testimony regarding the Savior or Easter or the words of The Living Christ

Tips & Recommendations for Learning the Songs for a Performance

Thank you to Marissa for sending the songs split up into a program-form! Her recommendation is to have the youth/singers listen over and over to the songs before they even met to practice since the songs are a little trickier to learn without knowing the words. In terms of practicing with youth, she also suggested practicing just the women and then just with the men so that they all felt confident and comfortable before they had to sing in front of their opposite gender peers.

She mentioned that the congregation was blown away by their performance and in their program they printed all the words so everyone could follow along with the words. She said, “even though the songs may not have been perfectly sung, you could feel and hear the vulnerable realness in their voices and the message of the words were so powerful.”

Thank you again to Marissa for sending all this information and the videos!

We love hearing how you are using the songs, please tag us on Instagram or email us at so we can see the words of The Living Christ spread across the world!